About Us


Mission Statement

“We believe there is a home for every rescue pet and enough love to save every life!”

Johanne Marshall – President Marshall’s Dog Rescue

We’ve made it our mission to put homeless pets into the hearts and minds of people in such a powerful way that killing companion animals becomes completely unacceptable.

Marshall’s Dog Rescue: is a charitable organization dedicated to saving dogs from abandonment. We treat each dog we rescue as an extension of our own family.

Although we rescue dogs of all sizes, ages and condition, Marshall’s Dog Rescue was created especially to help fill a need in the rescue world, for shelter dogs whose time is up. Whether for population control, or health issues. We believe EVERY dog deserves a chance at finding a forever home.

We work with the community to advocate for responsible pet ownership.

Our Work

Making Adoption the First Choice
Campaigning to raise awareness and increase adoptions

Adoption Process

Marshall’s Dog Rescue will strive to give all fosters and adopters a thorough and honest evaluation of the temperament of the dog you are interested in fostering or adopting. Please be aware, however, that we cannot always know the history of our dogs, and you may encounter some unexpected behavioral challenges. We ask that fosters and adopters notify us immediately should they experience any issues, and work with us to help resolve any such issues.

  • All of our animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption; this cost is included in our adoption fee.
  • Please note that we do not take/make telephone calls prior to receiving an application.
  • We look forward to receiving your application.
  • We are a community foster care network, not a shelter and our dogs are cared for in private homes.

During the application process, we will be contacting all references. Please ensure that all of your references, including any veterinary reference, are fully aware of contact in the near future.

By fostering you’re a link between the dog and potential homes. You can spread the word about what a good dog it is and how they interact with people and other animals.

If you are interested in providing one of our dogs with a home, the first step is to fill out our adoption application. If you have other animals at home, we’ll then contact you to schedule a time for a formal meet-and-greet to ensure that everyone gets along.

Our Rescue Policy

Marshall’s is a non-breed specific rescue. We accept all sizes and age.

Return of Previously Adopted Dog

  • Our dogs are not transferable! If for whatever reason you require your adopted dog to be re-homed, we require that you contact Marshall’s Dog Rescue prior to doing so.
  • We cannot provide refunds of the adoption fee, as in most cases the funds have been used for the veterinary care of another rescue dog.